[Not all members of the porno/sex worker community disliked Linda Lovelace Boreman, and some actually mourn her death. The following is part of a mass E-mail sent out by performance artist/ porn goddess/ all-around great gal Dr. Annie Sprinkle. Annie was a long-time fan of Lindas and made no bones about that fact, so to speak, as youll soon be able to tell. She was kind enough to spend about an hour with me the night before she accepted her AVN Lifetime Achievement Award and gave me a really wonderful interview about meeting Linda and the effect Linda had on her life. Unfortunately I never used any of it for the book; it was for use in an entire chapter (can you say revised and expanded edition?) that never got included, but Im working on editing some clips of that talk together for this site, along with a couple of other interviews I used for the book that people might find interesting. I think Annie would agree that, without Linda Lovelace, there would be no Annie Sprinkle, and that would have been just awful. Posts to the same group from Tracy Quan and Darklady follow.]

Dearly Beloveds,

Im very sad to hear of Linda Lovelaces death. Very very sad. And she must have suffered very much, since she didnt die on the scene but later in the hospital. This was not her first car crash. She got that lovely scar on her cheek from a car crash. She was battling with other deadly diseases (hep c). So maybe hopefully this was a better way to go.

As some of you know, I was one of Linda Lovelaces greatest admirers. I even dedicated my AVN Lifetime Achievement award to her when I received it in front of the whole industry--(for which I received some snickering.)

She was the first porn star I ever saw, in Deep Throat. And she was the FIRST real porn star, period. She started the concept really. She was also the first porn actress I ever met. I was 18 working selling popcorn at the theater where Deep Throat played. The theater was busted and we all went to court. I met her at the pool of the hotel where she came to Arizona to be a witness. I was a witness too.

I found her so sweet and sexy. And her Deep Throat skills phenomenal. No one since has been that good at deep throating (have they, Mark Kernes?) that Ive seen. I was lucky enough to later have some of the penises that where inside her beautiful pussy in mine (namely Harry Reems). In retrospect, I think I fucked Harry Reems to be close to Linda!

Anyway, perhaps some of you didnt know that about a year ago, Linda modeled in sexy outfits (stockings and corsets) for Leg Show magazine. So she had really started coming full circle. I found this very exciting and thought that it would be incredible if she ended up doing porn again! Linda also been to Veronica Veras video screening, and was hanging out with Eric Danville (long-time Screw magazine editor), who did a wonderful book on her recently. She had softened on her anti porn stance. I never ever hated Linda for hating porn, as so many of my peers did. I understood that this was largely her way of dealing with her abusive husband Chuck Traynor. And doing the best she could. I knew it took a lot of courage to speak out so negatively about porn!

Through Eric, I gave Linda one of my books, and told her how much Id love to get to meet with her. She said she wanted to meet me! I was really looking forward to this. But now wont get to. And the world has really lost a living treasure.

I will always be grateful to Linda Lovelace. She was my early inspiration and role model! Although I didnt relate to her victim role, I always liked how eccentric she was, and the way she worked the media. A great performance artist! I know she was often conflicted, so now hopefully shes in peace.

Yes, as Tracy Quan said, it is the end of an era indeed. And Darklady said, We hardly knew ye. On some level that is very true. But on another, we knew well, and loved her.

Im pleased to have a copy of her book Ordeal signed to me!

Blessed be,
Annie Sprinkle


Oh my god. This makes me so sad. Its the end of an era. Her name was everywhere, I eventually saw her movie in a New Jersey motel room and barely paid attention because the music was so silly. But still, she was part of that period and while I saw her as a traitor during her anti-porn moment, I became less judgmental -- and now Im sad to hear she's gone. Wow. Rest in peace, Linda Lovelace . . .

Tracy Quan

Yeah, the soundtrack was pretty hideous. But she was a pioneer. Having been in a pretty bad wreck myself, Ive got some extra compassion for her.

: (

So long, Linda. We hardly knew ye . . .