Coming February 4, 2004

On the thirtieth anniversary of Americas first political kidnapping, Power Process Publishing unleashes The Complete Patty Hearst: From Heiress to Hostage to Hollywood.

This promises to be the most comprehensive look yet at the 19-year-old college student whose abduction, conversion and Presidential pardon still keep her in the national spotlight. Follow Hearsts career as subject and star of dozens of movies, songs and books; see what she had to say during her notorious bank robbery trial; read the last word on the Symbionese Liberation Army, which was finally brought to justice after almost three decades of terror and mayhem; and much, much more.

Among the questions answered in
The Complete Patty Hearst:
Did she orchestrate her own kidnapping?
Was she a willing participant in the
Hibernia Bank robbery?
White shoes after Labor Day?

The story of Patty Hearst is as shocking, controversial and relevant today as when
it first hit the headlines.

Make no mistake: Amazingly detailed and exhaustively researched, The Complete Patty Hearst will hold you captive!