Eric Danvilles Response to Gloria Leonards Post About Linda Lovelace on



Free Speech Coalition president Gloria Leonard writes: Inasmuch as I come from the same generation of performers as Linda Lovelace and have been subjected endlessly to her tired old bullshit, I find it continually compelling that she continues to blame Chuck Traynor for her lot in life. If a woman doesnt like whats happening in a relationship, any relationship, well then, there's the fucking DOOR! Take a hike, call the police, SOMETHING. But no, even thirty years later, she absolutely refuses to take responsibility for her crappy life choices and decisions. As we all know, Linda made some 8mm loops having sex with a fucking GERMAN SHEPHARD, pre-Traynor - now who made her do THAT? In the Berkowitz interview, she claims NOT to be anti-pornography but contradicts that position elsewhere. And if she feels exploited, she is in fact, nicely exploting herself by appearing at movie memorabilia conventions, tattoo conventions, promoting her book, appearing in PORN mag, Leg Show, doing interviews, ad nauseum. She is a whiny hypocrite who is so easily influenced that, back in the 70s, she also became the poster child porn-pawn of the so-called feminist movement, joining their ranks and railing against adult entertainment. Bottom line - get a life and get over it, you famously talented cocksucker.


Why Gloria Leonard takes Lindas claims so personally is beyond me. Maybe Gloria is, as shed like everyone to believe, fuckin Wonder Woman (with all apologies to Diana Prince). Good for fucking her. But you notice how, despite her disdain of Linda and everything she stands for, when offered the chance to get herself a little face-time on the E! True Hollywood Story, Leonard was right there spouting *her* tired old bullshit, just like always. I think its time for Ms. Leonard and all of Lindas detractors in the adult business to understand that the same right that we all have to create porn gives Linda the right to put it downend of motherfucking story. The first amendment goes both ways, babe, and if you dont like it, too fucking bad. And no, little Gloria, as we all know Linda did the dog films when she was *with* Traynor, not before. Thats *never* been disputed. Anyone whos even glanced at Ordeal knows that, so get your fucking facts straight before you shoot your considerably less-talented mouth off. But you obviously *havent* read Lindas books, which makes YOU guilty of the same sort of uninformed, ignorant statements as people who put down porn without ever having seen an X-rated film. And where in the Berkowitz interview does she contradict being anti-porn? She never says shes not anti-porn; she says shes anti-CENSORSHIP. Youd think someone as old and wise as yourself would give Linda a little credit for being open-minded. (Now that I think of it, *are* you old and wise, or am I only half-right there?)

Let me tell you a quick story about Linda Lovelace, Gloria: My wife and I took her to see the premiere of a British documentary about Veronica Vera in New York City last year (and sorry, we didnt hold a gun to her head; she *asked* to see it). Before the showing Linda even met Veronica, Candida Royalle and Vanessa Del Rio, all of whom really liked her. As a warm-up to the documentary, VV showed a film about why she entered porn, advising in a tongue-in-cheek way that anyone who might be offended should leave, as it would have nudity and graphic sex. I told Linda if she couldnt handle it, Id come to the lobby and get her when it was over. And you know what, Gloria? LINDA LOVELACE STAYED AND WATCHED IT! She stayed and watched an opposing opinion without causing a big fucking stink about it, which is more than someone in OUR business would do if inadvertantly caught at an Andrea Dworkin speech. So give Linda a fucking break already. When she says she was forced into doing porn, thats an indictment against Chuck Traynor, not the porn business in general. And when Linda says she doesnt like porn, thats her fucking CHOICE. And you *are* liberal enough to be pro-choice, huh, Gloria?

I thought so . . .

Bottom line: Why dont YOU get a life and get the fuck over it, you famously disliked cunt?


Eric Danville