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Hard News for Hard Times

for the week of September 9, 2001

(courtesy of ananova)



A survey shows Jordan is the woman most British men wish they had lost their virginity to. The survey by lads' mag Loaded revealed that 31 per cent of the 10,000 men questioned had fantasised about having their first sexual encounter with the 36FF model. Shadow home secretary Ann Widdecombe, however, received one per cent of the vote. The Champion of Champions award went to Kelly Brook. Of those questioned, 21.95 per cent voted her Britain's Most Wanted Woman. She was also rated British male's favourite flatmate. Kelly's closest competition came from S Club 7's Rachel (14.74 per cent), Liz Hurley (8.87 per cent), Cat Deeley (6.28 per cent) and Joanna Taylor (5.25 per cent). Tony Blair was officially the nation's least-wanted flatmate, with only 0.009 per cent of men comfortable with seeing him ironing in his boxer shorts of a morning. Peter Stringfellow was considered four times more appealing as a flatmate than the Prime Minister. The survey also showed that most British men do not care about how big a girl's bank balance is or how important her job - they care more about how good-looking her mates are. In London, however, 30 per cent of men judged a woman's job as her most important asset. Men rated eyes (47.3 per cent) as the most-wanted physical attribute in a woman, then lips (15 per cent), breasts (11 per cent) and bum (one per cent).


A carpenter went beserk killing three people after friends teased him over being dumped by his girlfriend. He ran amok with a huge machete killing two workmates and a woman in a village in Sandakan, Malaysia. He is being hunted by police after fleeing into nearby jungle. Deputy Superintendent Ramli Alimat says the unnamed murdered killed two workmates aged 17 and 20, and a 32-year-old woman in the village. Another woman, Maznah Gundoh, 36, sustained multiple slash wounds on her body and had been admitted to the Duchess of Kent Hospital. Her condition remains serious. Supt Ramli says initial police investigations show the suspect was heartbroken after a woman turned him down when he proposed marriage. The suspect was apparently disturbed by the constant teasing of his friends, reports The Star, Malaysia.


An 81-year-old Canadian woman accused of setting fire to a school has stripped naked in court. Mary Braun is one of the last active members of a radical sect known as the Sons of Freedom Doukhobor. Freedomites believe it is spiritually cleansing to strip naked and burn possessions. Officials at the British Colombia Supreme Court covered the pensioner with a blanket so the case could continue. Defence lawyer Ken Wyllie told the court that Braun lit a fire at Selkirk College but didn't intend it to get out of hand, reports the Canoe website. The case continues.


A pilot sparked a response from emergency crews after pulling off a Canadian airport runway to urinate. The man had touched down at Calgary International and was so desperate for the toilet that he drove his Cessna light aircraft onto the grass. After relieving himself in front of responding fire and ambulance crews, he taxied to a private terminal where he was met by police. Officers discovered the pilot had delivered his daughter and fiance to the airport so they could catch a holiday flight. Constable Jack Leyung told the Calgary Sun: "Landing with a full bladder and unable to wait until he could taxi into a terminal, he pulled off onto the grass of the runway, climbed out of his plane and relieved himself." Police released him without charge and airport officials agreed he had not broken any regulations. The pilot was allowed to refuel and head home to the nearby town of Three Hills.


Amorous couples have been warned to cool their noisy bedroom antics after a rise in complaints from neighbours. Angry residents have protested about headboards banging and other sexual noises coming from people's homes in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Environmental health officials at Stockport Council say the problem is worse at this time of year because people tend to leave their windows open on warm nights. They have warned red-faced lovers to keep the noise levels down. Donald Cameron, head of Stockport's environmental health division, said: "Most people are not that unreasonable and they are embarrassed anyway when we visit." Mr Cameron urged people making love in a noisy manner to tone it down for the sake of their neighbours. He said: "They should be aware that a lot of people don't like to listen to that kind of thing. Most people are mainly concerned about their children hearing things." The problem often tended to be worse in summer due to open windows, he said. He added: "Often it's the headboards banging against the walls that causes annoyance. We are always careful to have a quiet word with the other party and our experience shows that the problems stop."


Two Frenchmen have been found guilty of blackmail after mistaking a married couple for a pair of illicit lovers. The men conjured up the scam after stealing a video of an office manager in a compromising position with what they thought was one of his female employees. Assuming the couple were having an secret affair, they demanded £6,000 to buy their silence. But it transpired the lady was the manager's legitimate partner and the couple, from Doubs in south east France, reported the attempted blackmail to police. France Soir reports the blackmailers are being detained after having been found guilty by a judge in Besancon. They had come across the video cassette of the couple when they burgled the office.


An Indian state may force government workers to give their wives half of their earnings if they drink excessively. The Maharashtra government says wives usually suffer if their husbands drink too much and want to prevent staff from developing alcohol problems. It wants men to lose up to 50% of their monthly salary to their wives if they complain about their drunken behaviour. The state Excise and Food and Drug Minister Anil Deshmukh says wives would lodge a complaint with the government against her husband stating how his drinking affects their family. Women's welfare association leaders Ahilya Rangnekar and Mrinal Gore had previously suggested the proposals, Sify News reports. The government is seeking legal advice and will then put the proposal before the cabinet for approval.


Indian doctors have removed a fully formed jaw from the chest of a six-year-old girl. The girl named Asha went to hospital in New Delhi after doctors in Jaunpur failed to find the cause of her pain. Doctors say X-rays detected a tumour but were surprised when they found the jaw growing in her chest during surgery. The jaw was putting pressure on her heart and lungs. Doctor Yogesh Kumar Sarin, who headed the operation, said: "It must have been growing inside the child since she was born. It had well-developed teeth, a tongue and structures resembling the upper larynx." He says the condition, known as Incomplete Twinning, happens when a few growth cells remain in a person's body after birth. If the tumour had not been detected and the jaw found it could have continued growing for up to 30 years and become cancerous, Doctor Sarin told The Pioneer. Asha is recovering from the operation and is expected to be in hospital for another week.


An 81-year-old Canadian woman who appeared in court naked has been found guilty of setting a college on fire. Mary Braun is one of the last active members of the Sons of Freedom Doukhobor sect. They believe stripping naked and burning possessions renounces material values and is spiritually cleansing. They often disrobe during court proceedings. She refused to wear clothes throughout the trial at the British Columbia Supreme Court, although she was covered by a blanket at times. Braun pleaded not guilty but was convicted of setting a fire that destroyed a college building. She is to be sentenced at a later date. Her lawyer Ken Wyllie said his client admitted setting the fire at Selkirk College satellite school in Crescent Valley, British Columbia. He argued the fire was only intended to be a "symbolic gesture", but got out of control because of a chemical put there by someone else. Canoe reports Braun has appeared naked in court many times over the years on arson, contempt and mischief charges.


A South African who skydived naked with a can of deodorant taped to his private parts has won his battle to become an attorney. James Reilly's entry to the legal profession was suspended following the stunt after complaints his behaviour was improper. The 36-year-old, nicknamed Buttman, has finally been allowed to take his oath after the Cape Law Society ruled the skydive wasn't relevant. Mr Reilly, of Grahamstown, became a local celebrity after the 4,000ft skydive in freezing temperatures last month. The former policeman won a car for his efforts, reports The Daily Dispatch.


A French man sacked for wearing Bermuda shorts at work has lost a case for unfair dismissal. Cedric Monribot was sacked from a company called Sagem for refusing to wear trousers at work despite several warnings. An employment tribunal in Rouen found there was no grounds to his case because he had not suffered any legitimate form of discrimination. The 29-year-old technician argued he was unfairly dismissed under French law because his sacking was "abusive and challenging to individual liberty". He told radio station French Info he would appeal against the ruling announced by Tribunal President Catherine Leverbe.


A Canadian mortuary assistant accused of stealing a skull and autopsy slides has been arrested for keeping foetuses at home. Jurek Ladziak has already been charged with possessing stolen health cards and driving licences and indignity to a human body relating to the skull. The 52-year-old has been charged with indignity to a human body in relation to the three foetuses found at his Burlington home in Ontario. Police searched the home, which was allegedly decorated with the skull, foetuses, 200 autopsy slides and photographs of dead people, in early August following a tip-off. They also reportedly found driving licences and Ontario Health Insurance Plan cards that were issued to people who are dead, The Globe and Mail reports. The property came from hospitals and medical laboratories in Kitchener, Hamilton and Toronto, where he worked over a 30-year period.


A couple ended up with a large bill after emergency services were called to rescue them from scaffolding on a cathedral. A nightwatchman spotted them on 200-foot high scaffolding at the cathedral in Trier. He called the police who used a megaphone to demand the couple come down immediately. But they only realised there was a problem when the fire brigade was called and used a hydraulic powered ladder to reach them. They came back down to earth and were given a £660 bill to cover the cost of calling out the police and fire brigade. The pair, both 36, had travelled from their home in Hamburg to visit the cathedral.


The first simple DIY fertility test for men is being sold over the internet. The newly available test, offered by Scottish company Med-Direct, allows men to assess their sperm count. However, the company admits the £19.99 fertilMARQ self-testing kit cannot tell the difference between dead and active sperm. The company also offers a "his and hers" kit for £31.99 which includes the men's test and a women's fertility kit, based on a long-standing technique which detects surges in hormones in urine to indicate when ovulation will occur. The managing director of Med-Direct, Robert Barlow, told the Guardian newspaper that the men's test could lead to "a tiny proportion of men having a positive result but with predominately dead sperm". But for most men "it will be an entirely valid first-line screening", he said. The kits are available from med-direct.com.


A pair of mating hedgehogs caused staff at a South Yorkshire nursing home to call the police. Assistants Pam Ratcliffe and Jane Bailey became concerned when they heard rustling and "whooshing" outside the home in Hoyland at 1am. They rang 999 but police officers found the cause of the noise was amorous hedgehogs. A police spokesman told The Sun: "Two officers found themselves in a prickly situation and left the hedgehogs to it." Ms Ratcliffe said: "I feel daft now but we were petrified, having had a recent burglary attempt."


Sixty naturists were stranded on an East Sussex beach after council workers took away steps leading up a cliff. Hastings Council officials had decided the steps were unsafe following storm damage. The nudists had to wait for low tide to walk along the shore to escape. They have criticised the council staff for not warning them what was happening. The Daily Telegraph reports one naturist saying: "There I was happily messing about in my birthday suit and the next I was stranded. "Everyone became quite worried when we realised there was no way out. People were rushing around trying to find their clothes and trying to get out. The only way was to scale the cliff or wait for low tide and walk along the shore." The council has apologised but says the sunbathers had been told not to use the beach because of the dangerous condition of the steps. A spokesman said: "Clearly it was not at all appropriate for the steps to be moved with the people still on beach. It should not have happened and I can only apologise."


A Swedish store chain has received a shipment of rucksacks decorated with cannabis leaf print, rather than the maple leaf it ordered. The Jysk Baddlager chain was criticised by anti-drugs campaigners after the mistaken patterned bags ended up on shelves. The Denmark-based company has promised an inquiry. Knud Lauridsen, head of the company's operations in Sweden, says the bags had been produced in the Far East. He told the Goteborg Posten newspaper: "Our purchasing department in Denmark ordered rucksacks with the Canadian maple leaf printed on as a decoration. Instead, we got these." Mikael Blom, a spokesman for Jysk Baddlager, added: "One may interpret the symbols on the bags as cannabis leaves. We do not encourage people to use drugs and we don't support liberal drug policies."


Elephant ride operators in Thailand are being accused of polluting sea and canal water. Elephant dung in Phuket and Phangnga is apparently causing environmental concerns among locals and tourism chiefs. Anuparp Theerat, tourism director in Phuket, says popular elephant rides may cause pollution which will affect tourists. Since rides started in the area a decade ago as many as 170 elephants have been registered. Rides are being blamed for polluting the sea and damaging coral off Phuket, The Bangkok Post reports. Mr Theerat said: "The problem is obvious during the rains as water contaminated with dung flows to the sea and increases bacteria beyond safe levels. Tourists will get itchy." He says limiting elephants numbers and imposing strict rules regarding dung disposal would keep pollution at a minimum. Chokechai Sertprasit, who runs Tour Island Safari, has defended ride operators. He says staff collect dung when it drops and steel grids block dung floating out to sea.


Lights students used to grow marijuana set fire to a University of California-Berkeley fraternity house. There were 15 students in the Zeta Psi house at the time but no one was hurt. Prosecutor John Adams says that while criminal charges may be pursued, it could be difficult to find a suspect and charge anyone in the fraternity. The fire, which started in a second-floor closet where several marijuana plants were found, caused $10,000 (about £6,800) of damage. Most of the damage was caused by water from overhead sprinklers. Berkeley Deputy Fire Chief Debra Pryor says an electrical problem with lights being used to grow the hydrophonic plants sparked the fire. UC-Berkeley spokeswoman Janet Gilmore told Mercury News possessing or manufacturing drugs violates the student codes of conduct. The students could be suspended, she added. Members of the Zeta Psi fraternity could not be reached for comment.


Historians have brewed a beer flavoured with animal dung after recreating an ancient Orkney recipe. It was made after archeologists uncovered what they believe is a 5,000-year-old pub and brewery on the remote islands. The ale is brewed in clay pots with traces of baked animal droppings. Merryn Dineley, from Manchester University, was chief brewer of the Stone Age liquor. She insists it is "quite delicious". Ms Dineley examined stone-lined drains running under houses in the Neolithic village of Skara Brae in the Orkneys. She found evidence of a kiln for malting grain and traces of a cereal-based fermented alcohol.


Pregnancy testing kits have reportedly been included in medical packs aboard the International Space Station. It is thought to be one of Nasa's first admissions that astronauts might have sex in orbit, although the agency has not commented publicly. It is reported that details of the kits and directions of use were leaked from Nasa and obtained by a space website. The documents are said to provide astronauts with guidance on issues ranging from a crew-mate becoming suicidal or psychotic to diarrhoea, motion sickness, nosebleeds and dentistry. Female astronauts take a pregnancy test before launch and are not allowed to fly if it is positive. The station's present crew will not need the kits as all three are male, reports The Times. Keith Cowing, editor of SpaceRef.com which obtained the documents and a former Nasa scientist, said the tests were clearly aimed at detecting conceptions in orbit. He said: "There is a rather short list of ways whereby this specific condition can arise. Nasa never discusses the possibility of sex in space, but it does not look like they're worried about what an astronaut might have done with her husband the night before launch." It remains unclear whether or not the 200-mile-high club already has any members. There is no suggestion any astronauts have had sex on board the ISS since its launch in 1998, but many believe the increasing length of time spent on board makes it more likely such a relationship will develop.


Eighty children, some as young as two, have been married in a mass Hindu ceremony in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The marriages took place in the town of Pali during a festival in honour of the Elephant god Ganesha. Though child marriage has been ruled illegal in India, the local police have not charged parents of the children. No objections were raised when the little grooms went around the town on decorated horses, reports the Press Trust of India. The marriage processions, with drums and symbolic barat, passed through the main markets and local police stations of the area. Some of the children, who are from the Dewasi community, were fast asleep in their parents laps when they were united in matrimony. The mass marriage of children has led to strong protests from social activists in India in the past.


Researchers have found 79% of British people would prefer to have sex in space rather than any other activity at zero gravity. A quarter of women questioned opted for eating chocolate and one in 10 of men chose a game of football. More than half of the men said their ideal space sex partner would be Jennifer Lopez, just 5% said model Jordan and 12% chose their own partner. Almost half of the women asked would choose their husband or boyfriend for their low-gravity encounter. Mobile phone entertainment company Zed carried out the survey - which also found 2% would pick a fight with Mike Tyson - to promote its prize of a trip into space.


A 29-year-old single mother who had sex on numerous occasions with a 15-year-old boy will not go to jail. Janice Harding, now of The Beacon, Falmouth, was convicted in July of two counts of indecent assault. Judge Giles Forrester gave her a three-year Community Rehabilitation Order and ordered her to sign on to the Sex Offenders' Register for five years. At Truro Crown Court he told her: "It seems to me that the public interests are best served by such an order and you will benefit from it. Go away and do not re-offend." During the trial, the prosecution said mother-of-three Harding had a torrid affair with the boy - who cannot be named for legal reasons - which started before his 16th birthday and went on afterwards. The judge said: "He was a willing participant in the events that happened between the two of you, but it is also right that young people may need the protection of the law." Simon Laws, defending, said in this case, the difference between a sexual relationship that many people may not like and a relationship that is criminal in nature was just two months. He said there was genuine feeling on both sides between Harding and the boy. He told the judge Harding was an isolated woman, who had not had any long-lasting relationships, and she had found some comfort and support from the boy who had befriended her.


A Romanian man is recovering in hospital after injecting his testicles with salty water. Mihai Stefanescu thought they were too big. The 32-year-old injected 10 millilitres of water into his scrotal sack. Mr Stefanescu, from Dolj, said he once saw his father successfully using the salt water injection method on one of his goats. The engineer was taken to hospital by ambulance and his condition is stable. Doctors do not know if the experiment will affect his ability to have children, reports Libertatea Daily.


Dating and skimpy bathing costumes have been outlawed under a new Decency Law in Dubai. A private meeting between a man and a woman, who are not related, will also become a criminal offence. Muslims have been told they must also wear 'adequate' clothing at swimming pools and beaches. The Sultan Mohammed Al Qasimi, from the Emirate of Dubai, has brought in the law. Colonel Ali Nasser Al Ferdan, says the new law is aimed to protect society from those alien trends that conflict with its conservative traditions, especially those which attempt to invade Islamic societies under the guise of globalisation or modernisation. Young people must also not stay out late in the streets and disturb others, reports Khaleej Akhbar.


Old folks' homes in Denmark are now showing porn movies for their elderly residents. Several homes have taken to putting on blue movies in the communal TV area on Saturday nights. Many homes accept some residents already enjoy regular visits from prostitutes. But not all residents enjoy the service. Anders Bj¿rn Hansen, a resident at De Gamles Hus in Copenhagen, says he lost his sexual interest 10-15 years ago and does not feel the need for pornography or prostitutes. "I don't mind if the personnel wants to show these movies in the main living room but I would rather see a good quality movie. "And when you have seen one porn movie you have seen them all," he told Extra Bladet newspaper. "My fantasies are better than the movies," said Ernst Nielsen, his neighbour at the home, who would prefer the real thing. "A pretty 30-40 year old who would come to see me once a week would be nice. But I hear they are expensive, 400-500 Kroner (about £45) I think. I cannot afford that". The manager of the home added, "Like in all other homes we have a council consisting of residents. If they decide that they want to watch porn films in the main living room once a week, we will do it. We do not reject any propositions. "That way, older people's sexual needs stop being a taboo".


A vibrator, live tropical fish and lingerie are among items lost by absent-minded bus passengers. First Eastern Counties buses have revealed that 1,500 items are handed in each month to depots across East Anglia. Umbrellas topped the poll as the item left most often on the back seat of buses. Mobile phones came next, with around five handed in every day in Norwich. Bizarre lost property left on First Eastern buses which cover Norfolk, Suffolk and northern Essex - includes wooden legs, false teeth and an urn full of ashes. Lost property administrator for Norwich Lee Howes says: "When mobiles are handed in we leave them switched on. Once owners realise they are missing they call. "The problem is that people tend to think the staff answering have stolen their phone rather than the reality that they lost it and often phone calls can begin with verbal abuse to the member of staff."


Hindu nationalists in India have launched a marketing exercise to promote cow's urine as a health cure. They say the urine, being sold for 30p a bottle, can be used for ailments ranging from liver disease to obesity and even cancer. The urine is being sold under the label "Gift of the Cow", and is being enthusiastically promoted by the government of Gujarat. The urine is collected every day from almost 600 shelters for rescued and wounded cattle, and is available in about 50 centres in Gujarat. It also comes in tablets or a cream mixed with other traditional medicinal herbs and demand is currently outstripping supply. Dr Jadi Patel, at the VHP's headquarters in Ahmedabad, said: "It's very popular because the results are very good, but we've got a shortage." The healing properties of cow dung and cow's urine are mentioned in ancient Hindu texts and authorities claim research conducted by doctors at the cow-protection commission indicates the urine can cure anything from skin diseases, kidney and liver ailments to obesity and heart ailments. Although most Indian doctors view the medicines as eccentric, several advocates of the treatment have come forward in Gujarat to support the claims, reports the Daily Telegraph. They include Vidhyaben Mehta, a 65-year-old woman with a cancerous tumour on her chest who has been taking cow's urine for the past three years. She says she is no longer in pain and has survived in spite of medical predictions that she would die two years ago.


A brothel has been given listed building status in Chile. The Fireflies sex hotel is sited in an impressive old colonial building in La Florida. Authorities decided it is of historical significance and have now listed the building. The owners are unhappy because they must now get permission if they want to make alterations. The sex hotel rents rooms by the hour to couples who still live with their parents and have nowhere else to go. La Florida Mayor Pablo Zalaquett said he would not try to close down the motel, but he hoped the building would be used for a different purpose in the future. "If at some point, they would like to sell their hotel, I think it would make a fantastic cultural centre," the mayor said. "To be honest, having a seedy motel operating in one of our most historic buildings is a little bit embarrassing."


A New Zealand couple who met and wed through a radio station promotion are celebrating the birth of their first baby. Paula Nicholl gave birth to Max Logan several weeks early on September 1. Her husband Zane Nicholl says the 7lb11oz boy is the "icing on the cake" following their first successful year of marriage. The couple got married over the air last October as part of a promotion on Hamilton's The Edge radio station. Darryl Paton from The Edge says the baby is a world first. "No other radio marriage has worked, let alone them having a baby," he said. The Daily News says the station ran a public sweepstake, with a $10,000 (about £3,021) first prize to the person who came closest to guessing when the baby would be born.


Australian academics are to find out if people with symmetrical faces have more luck finding sexual partners The University of West Australia's Face Lab is investigating the role of facial attractiveness when we chose partners as part of a three-year research project. Professor Leigh Simmons, who is studying the phenomenon with Professor Gillian Rhodes, says looks could influence evolution based on the "good genes" theory. Professor Simmons said: "I'm interested in mate choice of all animals and I have been studying what females find attractive in males and who they choose to mate with. "Healthy male peacocks have more eye spots on their tails, and those who are bigger and stronger are deemed genetically superior by female peacocks who see long-term benefits with mating with an attractive partner and producing offspring who will have the same traits to pass on." News.com says 200 men aged between 18 and 45 are needed to take part in the study. They will be asked to complete a questionnaire concerning past and current sexual relationships, photographed and their body measurements will be taken. Women will then be asked to rate the photographs from one to 10.


Plans are being drawn up to send mice into orbit in on board their own love-mobile where they can have low-gravity sex. Researchers at the privately funded Mars Society are designing a capsule which will simulate conditions on Mars. It could be put into orbit for two months which is enough time for its occupants to reproduce and their offspring grow to adulthood. The capsule would then be brought back to Earth to see if low gravity had affected the development of the young mice. Scientists behind the so-called Translife Mission say it would help plan for the long-term missions necessary to explore Mars. With the right backing the flight could take place in 2003 aboard a tiny capsule which simulates Martian gravity by spinning like a centrifuge. The Mars Society hopes to launch the experiment for as little as £1.4 million.


Coroners in Germany are warning men of the dangers of dying from heart failure during sex in brothels. Even young men are vulnerable to having a heart attack during sex sessions with prostitutes. The extra thrill from excitement and danger is potentially lethal. Researchers at the Hamburg University Institute of Coroners studied seven cases of 'Love Death' during brothel visits. The study, published in Rechtsmedizin medical journal, was prompted by the death of a man on his 21st birthday while getting undressed at a brothel. The visit was a present from his friends. Coroners warn young men may be especially vulnerable if they have a heart condition but are not aware of it. They say the risk of dying during sex is between five and 20 times as high for men as it is for women. Sven Anders, a coroner from Hamburg said, "The exciting situation of a brothel visit, the hint of wild and forbidden relations with an unknown partner arouses great emotional and psychic stress in men and this can lead to sudden death." But Dr Anders said the numbers of sudden death cases could not be properly assessed because relatives and family doctors were reluctant to pass on the full details. "There are many relatives who hide such a 'love death' out of shame. And there are general practitioners who would, out of sympathy, just diagnose sudden heart death."


A Dutch bank has lifted its ban on sex workers opening business accounts. The ING bank says it will allow prostitutes to open accounts previously denied them, even though prostitution is legal in the Netherlands. Most banks and insurance firms don't want to be associated with the sex industry. This meant that prostitutes could not get loans or insurance. The decision of bank and insurance group ING to let sex workers open business bank accounts is vital for Dutch prostitutes to arrange their taxes, says Christy ten Broeke of the sex workers union De Rode Draad. The union had filed a complaint against ING with the Dutch Equality Commission, arguing that denying bank accounts to sex workers was discriminatory to women. Union spokesperson ten Broeke told Dutch newspaper Het Parool it had now withdrawn its discrimination complaint, adding: "We would like to give the other banks some time to adjust their policy. People have to get used to the changes in society and we want to give them to time to do that."


Police say they will be taking no further action after being called to the home of internet babies couple Alan and Judith Kilshaw. They say they were asked to deal with a "domestic dispute" after receiving an emergency call to their farmhouse, in Buckley. Solicitor Alan Kilshaw was arrested on suspicion of assault, while a young woman, believed to be his step-daughter Caley, was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage. A North Wales Police spokesman said: "No complaints have been made and there'll be no further police action." According to reports in The Sun newspaper Mr Kilshaw hit his 18-year-old step-daughter with a pressure cooker pan after her pet dog chewed a chair in his office. The teenager, who is said to have smashed a window at the family home with a spade, told the paper: "I screamed when he grabbed me by the hair and the arm." The Kilshaws hit the headlines when it emerged they bought American twin baby girls Belinda and Kimberley from a baby-broker they found on the Internet. The youngsters, now 15 months, were taken into custody by Flintshire Social Services and eventually returned to the United States after a court battle. Mother-of-four Judith Kilshaw, 48, and her husband, ran up huge debts during their adoption bid and are expected to have their home repossessed.


Denmark's version of Big Brother has a porn rival called Big Dick. The blue movie takes the format of the successful game show but adds constant sex. Its six participants must each have sex at least twice a day. The winner is crowned with the title 'Big Dick.' They were filmed having 100 hours of sex in a house in Sluseholmen. A video has been released. The four hour long "Big Dick" video is on sale in Denmark for 180 kroner, about £15, reports Berlingske Tidende newspaper. It is produced by famous Danish porn producer, Barny Nygaard. The Big Dick set is simpler than on conventional Big Brother shows, with just two double beds and a mattress. Paul Gazan, TV Denmark's Programme Director said, "Copying famous films and programmes in the porn industry is not new. We are not going to worry about it and they won't sell more than 6000 tapes anyway."


Ann Widdecombe has dismissed claims she said she is a virgin. The Tory has denied ever describing herself as the "virgin politician" and says she just hasn't found Mr Right. Miss Widdecombe says she was misquoted when it was reported she threatened to sue anyone who said she was not a virgin. She told Sky News Online: "That is a severe misquotation. I have never made personal statements about my private life - other people have made them for me - and I'm not about to start now. "To people who ask me that question, I always say 'mind your own business'. But on one occasion, someone made a presumption and I said 'be careful you could be sued' and it's been translated into this." She added: "I never set my face against marriage, but it didn't happen; Mr Right didn't come along and I never gave it sufficient priority to go out and look for him. I don't anticipate that now - I'm far too settled in my ways." The 53-year-old was recently listed in a survey of men nominating the women they would have liked to have lost their virginity to. "I cannot comment on other people's fantasies," she said.


A US man has been jailed for six years for stealing hundreds of pairs of knickers from more than a dozen women. David Allen took the knickers and other underwear from homes around his flat in a complex in West Carrollton, Ohio. He pleaded guilty to four counts of burglary at Patricia Morrissey's home. Prosecutor Ted Imperato said Allen had sneaked into the houses of at least a dozen other women. He said Detective Don Charles searched Allen's car and found hundreds of pieces of underwear. Victim Ms Morrissey told the Dayton Daily News: "We just thought he was a neighbourhood pest. "He watched my every move. What he did was disgusting, and it changed my life forever. He raped me without even touching me." During Allen's final theft from Ms Morrissey he took all her underwear, leaving just one item soiled with semen. He had been able to come into the house since she lost her keys in 2000. Police say he had photographed her children and looked at her family albums while in her home.


A Canadian man charged with having sex with a cat has been found not guilty after claiming it was a joke. The man was arrested after explicit photos of him naked with a cat were sent to the chemists to be developed. But the 39-year-old told the court in Toronto the pictures were a drunken stunt dreamt up by his boyfriend. When asked if he had had sex with the cat, named Maria, he told the court: "No, never. I would never harm the cat." He said he had taken Maria in as a stray: "She's good company. She was living on the streets, I took her in and gave her a saucer of milk. I'm her sole provider." The man said he and his boyfriend took a shower after a day of drinking in December 2000 and they took each other's pictures in the nude. "We were kind of hamming it up and I said, 'Hey, take a picture with your kitty," said the man's boyfriend. Both men testified Maria had jumped up on the bathroom vanity, as she often did, and the photo idea was just a joke. The court heard a vet's examination showed no injury to the cat, reports the Toronto Sun.


Residents in South African will be fined for spreading cow dung on their gardens. The smell of the manure in the Polokwane municipality has become so bad a new by-law has been introduced banning its use. The dung helps keep lawns green during winter. The by-law affects residents in Pietersberg, Seshego, Mankweng and 167 surrounding villages, reports the African Eye News Service. Residents can be fined up to 300 Rand (about £25) if more than one person makes an official complaint about the smell. Polokwane executive mayor, Thabo Makunyane, said: "The use of cow dung is not only a health hazard, but the pungent smell has proven to be a nuisance to other residents."


An Australian man who broke wind in the foyer of a Melbourne police station has had his conviction for offensive behaviour overturned. David Grixti had been fined $200, the equivalent of £71, by a court in June. He broke wind in the station after being arrested for drinking offences. The decision was appealed to the Victorian County Court, which has found him not guilty. The prosecution couldn't establish flatulence was a voluntary act. A local legal services manager criticised police for taking action against Mr Grixti, saying it was absurd a natural bodily function was criminalised. Police have refused to comment, reports the news.com website.


The parents of a high school American Football star have been arrested for allegedly hosting a team party with beer, marijuana and a stripper. The stripper is thought to have let students as young as 15 lick whipped cream off her body. Police said they were responding to a noise complaint when they say they found the naked woman on her back performing a lewd act on the patio. Robert and Rochelle Wien, of New Castle, New York, were charged with endangering the welfare of a child and unlawfully dealing with a child. The offences carry up to a year in jail. Detective James Carroll said the stripper was about halfway through a £230, hour long, act when officers interrupted and told her to get dressed. The party marked the end of summer training camp for the team from Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua. The Wiens' son is the star quarterback.


Politicians are to strip at a public festival to promote tourism in Italy. Twelve local politicians from different municipalities in the northern region of Liguria will participate in a farewell to summer event in Alassio. The event is supposed to capture the interest of foreign tourists and boost next year's bookings, Il Giornale newspaper reports. Organiser Adriano Berrino is confident the show will be a complete success. "It is going to be a revival of the Full Monty movie," choreographer Fulvia Giardini said.


More people get amorous after watching a girlie chick flick than a macho action film. Research shows more than half of us become passionate after a romantic movie while just 22% are up for it after watching the likes of Rambo or Die Hard. The study follows research which said a third of men would only go to see a 'chick flick' under sufferance and some would lie to avoid it. More than one in five would refuse to go at all, and those who did would expect bedroom action in return for their 'sacrifice'. Lucozade, who carried out the original research, then asked 11 couples to watch a classic 'girls' movie - Up Close and Personal - and a classic action film - Rush Hour. Not only did the chick flick result in a higher degree of sexual activity but more than half (54%) reported they felt closer after it. Just 9% felt more intimate after the action film. Nearly half the men surveyed said they feared seeing a girlie film would prompt the dreaded 'relationship' discussion. After the experiment 41% said the girlie film had in fact triggered such a discussion. But action movies give us more energy, the research suggested. A third of the couples felt energised after the action film, but none did after watching Up Close and Personal. Psychologist Aric Sigman said: ""Romantic films may optimise female receptivity to sex because of their more emotional content. Action films on the other hand may over-stimulate viewers and the subject matter may not be as conducive to romance."


An inmate at a California prison has won the legal right to mail his semen so his wife can be artificially inseminated. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a decision by a Sacramento federal judge who said William Gerber should not be able to send his sperm to his 46-year-old wife. Judge Barry G Silverman said 41-year-old Gerber, who is serving a life term at Lancaster Prison, should be able "to procreate from prison via FedEx". His colleague Judge Myron H Bright said the "right to procreate survives incarceration". He ordered the California Department of Corrections to show why the inmate's plan would be a security breach. Gerber, serving a 111-year sentence for firearms offences, filed the lawsuit while he was an inmate at Mule Creek State Prison near Sacramento. He was transferred to Lancaster in April 2000, the Daily News reports. California Department of Corrections spokeswoman Margot Bach says the department has not decided whether to appeal the decision.


At least ten heartbroken Chinese men have been cruelly jilted and left penniless by match-made brides. The ten handed over their savings to wed the brides - who have all now run off. One 'marriage' lasted only three days. Authorities in remote Changsha, southern China, believe the whole venture is a money-making scam by match-makers. There has been a huge increase in the number of bachelors because of China's one-child-only policy and urban migration patterns. All the swindled men lived alone in mud dwellings on rural hillsides, apparently without a hope of getting a wife. But two people from a neighbouring area arrived offering brides-for-cash in March. Luo Yi, 32, was "desperate to find a wife and agreed without the slightest consideration", the official Xinhua news agency said, handing over £1,340 in "introduction fees" a dowry and travel expenses. Luo's friends, upon seeing the newlywed couple, also "itched in their hearts" for a bride, Xinhua said. Luo's new wife then became the go-between for women from her home county and added a finder's fee to the hefty match-making bill. At least ten men placed orders for wives at an average price of 20,000 yuan (£1,700). But within a period of a few days in August, all the brides disappeared.


Age Concern warns older people need educating about safe sex to stop the spread of HIV among the elderly in New Zealand. Nelson and Marlborough Elder Abuse coordinator Michael Stayner says many older people believe they could not be affected by sexually transmitted diseases. He says unless they are offered education and counselling now New Zealand could be facing a massive rise in the number of HIV cases among the over-50s. Mr Stayner told The Nelson Mail: "There seems to be a myth in society that once one is over 50 years of age, one no longer has sexual desires, and to participate in such an activity is disgusting. "Older couples have romances and need to be made aware that they need to take precautions." He also warned that some cases of HIV were misdiagnosed by doctors, and caregivers were being put at risk of contracting the disease. Jennie Elliot, a public sexual health adviser in Nelson, says women over 50 are unknowingly infected with HIV by husbands who have had unprotected sex with other women.


Ten men are undergoing free vasectomies in New Zealand after being nominated for the operation through a radio station. DJ Heelan Tompkins and her co-host Barnee of Taranaki's Classic Hits 90FM Breakfast Show have been asking listeners to name people who need the operation. They say they were flooded with 105 nominations from assorted wives, parents, mothers-in-law and neighbours. Barnee says the winners' names were drawn out of "a crinkly bag". Nine of the final 10 were taken in a Vasectomy Bus for a game of golf and a pint of beer in Oakura, followed by a Last Supper with their families in New Plymouth. The tenth winner, Tasi Malu, was out of town when the others were picked up. One of the winners, Terry Long, told The Daily News workmates had made a shrine for him, featuring plenty of knives, and tubes containing blood and urine samples. Another winner Trevor Rowe said: "I'm a sales rep, and when I've gone into supermarkets the butchers have offered to do it."


Holidaymakers were delayed for more than a day after their flight was aborted twice because the toilets wouldn't flush. The Airbus took off from Cyprus for East Midlands Airport but was forced to turn back 30 minutes later. The third take-off was delayed because of a faulty fuel pipe. Passengers finally arrived home 27 hours late. A spokesman for flight operator, JMC Airlines, is quoted in the Mirror as saying: "We apologise, but the toilets could have posed a health risk."


A suspected thief has been rescued after he fell into a cesspit while trying to escape. Romanian Nicolae Leanca spotted the man allegedly trying to steal a cow and some corn from his courtyard in the village of Plesoi. The suspect, his godson Robert Cascota, hid in an open-air toilet booth, but lost his footing and fell into a deep pool of human waste below. Mr Leanca pulled him free as he began to drown. He called the police and detained him with the help of his wife until officers arrived. Mr Leanca told the police: "We kept him at the distance with a stick because he was smelling very bad." Police say his godson has denied trying to steal anything. If found guilty at trial he faces a sentence of six months to five years, reports Romanian newspaper Gazeta de Sud.


Two teenagers have been fined for measuring the size of their penis in class at a Norwegian high school. The duo were reportedly comparing the size of their erections. A girl pupil was in the Sunnm¿re classroom at the time and reported the boys to the headteacher. She said she found the incident degrading. The boys have not appeared in court, but agreed to pay fines of 6,000 Norwegian Kroner (about £460) each, reports Norwegian daily newspaper Verdens Gang.


A Canadian couple are to hold their wedding ceremony in a funeral chapel. Shane Neufeld and Christy McKillop first met each other while working at the chapel in Winnipeg. The couple say it is the perfect place to get married and have jokingly said they should be carried down the aisle in a casket. About 200 guests are expected to attend tomorrow's wedding at the Thomson Funeral Chapel and Crematorium. Mr Neufeld, 30, is assistant manager at the chapel, reports the Edmonton Sun. He said: "Churches also bury people and have been doing it for centuries, but everyone seems to want to get married in one anyway. "The facility is very accessible to me. Aside from that, we met there. Also, we've got a full complement of staff there to help with ushering. It just seemed like the only way to go." His 18-year-old bride-to-be said: "I always wanted to get married in a large chapel. From the very first time I saw it I said, 'Wow, this would be a great spot for a wedding'."


A scientist thinks he's found the chemical which makes women bond emotionally with their sexual partners. Oxytocin appears to act like a love potion in female prairie voles. It is produced in the brain's pituitary gland. It may have the same effect in humans and is also involved in creating the bond between a mother and baby at birth and during breast feeding. Professor Gareth Leng, from the University of Edinburgh, who is investigating oxytocin in rats, said: "If you were to spend 48 hours of intense sexual activity with a partner something fundamental might happen to your behaviour. "That's often what you see in animals. Many animals bond for life. It's not going to surprise anybody to think something fundamental is happening in the brain." He told the British Association science festival at Glasgow University: "If you put a male and female prairie vole into a cage, but don't allow them to mate, they seem to form a kind of friendship. But if you inject oxytocin into the brain of the female, she will form this sexual bond." Experiments show that the female will later choose to be with the male with whom she has bonded rather than another male she regards as just a friend.


A planned Dracula theme park in Transylvania is to double in size because it's proving so popular. Dracula Land, a £24 million project, based on the vampire Count will now cover 120 hectares, at Sighisoara. Romania's Tourism Ministser Dan Matei Agathon says work is expected start next spring and will take nine months to complete. Sighisoara is the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler who inspired the mythical bloodsucking count. Some of the tourist money raised will be used to restore the city's 15th century fortress and ramparts.


Works of art created from human body fluids will be exhibited to mark the re-opening of Wolverhampton Art Gallery. The gallery has undergone a £1.9 million refurbishment and will open again on September 15. Its first exhibition is Fluid, which explores perceptions of the human body in the 21st century by using internal bodily functions as a source of inspiration. The Express and Star says the exhibition will run until November 24. It will feature work by well-known artists including Mona Hatoum, Helen Storey, Helen Chadwick and Andres Serrano.


Police in the US are hunting a man who accosted a woman - only to sniff her shoe. The victim told Pittsburgh police she was walking home when a man stepped on her foot from behind, knocking her shoe off. He picked up her shoe and began sniffing it. The victim grabbed her shoe and the man smiled, and walked away. The attack is being linked to two other foot fetish attacks. On June 18, a woman told police she was out walking when a man did the same thing, then began licking her leg and foot. Two weeks ago, a woman walking at Liberty Avenue and Ninth Street, had her shoe knocked off by a man who also began sniffing it, police reported. None of the women were injured. In all three incidents, the man was described as white and in his 50s, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


A Russian teenager who had his penis amputated has grown a new one on his arm. Doctors attached a rubber tube to the 16-year-old's arm and grew his skin around it. The organ was then transplanted to his groin. The boy, known only as Malik, had to have his penis amputated when he burned it urinating on an electrical wire. But micro-surgeons were able to grow the new one over a ten-month period, the Sun reports. They hope Malik will be able to urinate through his new penis and perhaps have a full sex life one day.


A Swedish man has been jailed for threatening a supermarket checkout girl with a vibrator. He was suspected of shoplifting and challenged to empty his pockets by the shop assistant. He then pulled out a vibrator and held it in a threatening manner. He was given a two-month jail sentence in Falun, Sweden. "She asked what I had in my pocket," the unnamed defendant told the court. "So I pulled the vibrator out and held it up in front of her. I then asked her if she wanted it in her. It was more like an offer or a joke." But the unnamed cashier told the judge she thought he was going to stab her with the sex aid, reports Dala-Demokraten newspaper. In his defence, the 44-year-old man said he was the victim because she accused him of stealing. The presiding judge decided that since the cashier felt threatened and thought the object was a knife, that the man was guilty and a prison sentence was appropriate punishment.


A Catholic priest has put a curse on a striptease show planned for a local disco in Colombia. Father Marco Lopez says the show promotes adultery, infidelity and other dirty things. Fr. Lopez, parish priest of Santo Thomas, denounced the show from the pulpit and cast a curse, condemning the strippers and the audience to damnation. He told his congregation the show was an attack on the town's morality. "The curse applies to those twisted-minded performers and to the audience," he pronounced. But Edgar Martinez, one of the strip show's organisers, said his discotheque had the legal right to stage the show. The priest's words have had an effect though with the local authorities, reports Sky News. Town ombudsman Emilia Barandica has now ordered the police to close the show down if it goes ahead, as planned.


Swedish journalists have been embarrased after it emerged peacekeeping soldiers using prostitutes were, in fact, Swedish journalists. Reporters took the high moral ground, condemning the use of prostitues by their country's soldiers serving in the Balkans. But after a military inquiry it has emerged the 'soldiers' were really newspaper journalists. They even stamped vice girls with ink to keep a tally of vice girls bedded. Sweden's papers had a field day after reports squaddies on assignment in the former Yugoslavia had competed to bed the greatest number of prostitutes. Under Swedish law, buying sex is a crime and the media last year described the soldiers' conduct as offensive and humiliating for the women involved. Furious army chiefs launched a formal investigation into the reports, reports Sky News. Angered by ongoing negative publicity, the military career officers' trade union released the details of the inquiry. The perpertrators were not soldiers but professional journalists - serving as the peacekeeping unit's press officers. According to newspaper reports of the scandal, the "soldiers" had used rubber stamps of their own names to brand with ink the upper thighs of prostitutes they had bedded. They then compared photographs of the imprints to determine who had won the contest.


Regular sex sessions keep old people young, according to new research. Older people who have sex regularly are in better physical and mental health than their less amorous counterparts. Research to be published soon will confirm that regular sex is closely linked with wellbeing among the over-fifties It will also suggest that older women remain much keener on sex than their male counterparts. Dr Merryn Gott of Sheffield University, who carried out the study, told the Observer: "Self-esteem is better among older people who have sex. "Body image is better, emotional wellbeing is greater and a feeling of togetherness exists which can be absent in others." Preliminary details of the research - into married couples with an average age of 67 - were released at a meeting of the British Society of Gerontology.


Rising house prices are causing break-ups by forcing hard-up couples to rush into living together. Social trend experts say men and women are moving in together for financial reasons rather than emotional attachment. In London, where house prices have risen most, the number of cohabiting couples is already 8 per cent higher than in the rest of the country. Relate counsellor John O'Reilly told the Observer: "I frequently find myself counselling couples who moved in together prematurely in times of high property prices. "I envisage a rash of relationship breakdowns in London in the next few years purely because of this." Relationships between cohabiting couples are statistically more unstable than those of married couples. Around half non-married cohabiting couples break up within two years and twice as many children born to cohabiting couples will see their parents split up than children born within marriage.


Porn and prostitutes have a better effect on the health of old folk than pills and traditional medicine, its claimed. Staff in an old folks home in Denmark say putting on blue movies for residents and even ordering in vice girls is better than drugs. Medical staff at the home in Copenhagen say the 'natural medicine' of sex is far more beneficial than the likes of cod liver oil and vitamin supplements. A Danish home made world headlines last week by making public, plans to have a blue movie video night in the communal TV area. Since then, other old folks home have admitted they have been offering extra sex-related services for years. Many homes accept some residents already enjoy regular visits from prostitutes. Now care workers at homes report that pornography is healthier, cheaper and easier to use than medicine, said Lars Elmsted Petersen, a spokesman for the Danish OAP pressure group Aeldresagen. Maj-Britt Auning, manager of one home said, "If residents show their sexuality, they are labeled as old perverts. "It's time that we show the elderly some respect and take their needs seriously, including the sexual ones." She said both men and women appreciated the sexually explicit videos, reports the New York Post. Earlier this year, the Danish government released a report stating that sexuality is an integral part of life for seniors and the disabled. It recommended that caregivers help elderly residents satisfy their sexual needs.


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