The Complete Linda Lovelace

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Coming Soon: A Porn Star Is Born


Although best known for appearing in Deep Throat, Linda Lovelace graced the nation's marquees as star of several different films after acheiving international fame. The funny thing is that she wasnt really in most of them; the footage used was recycled from Deep Throat or her stag-film days. The only feature films Linda Lovelace made were Deep Throat, Deep Throat Part II and Linda Lovelace for President.


 The universally reviled sequel to Deep Throat was about the Russians attempts to kidnap Linda and learn her secrets. Among the films stars were Jamie Gillis, Andrea True, Tina Russell and . . . Judy Tenuta! After the film was cut from an X rating to an R, the hard-core footage disappeared.

 A collection of water-sports loops that hoped to trade in on Lindas popularity. Despite the films title, Linda Lovelace never actually meets Georgina Spelvin.

 Another loop collection that hoped to capitalize on Lindas name recognition. Again, Linda never shares screen time with her co-stars and, contrary to urban legend, never did a scene with John Holmes.
 If there was ever a porno equivalent to Plan 9 From Outer Space, this is it. An actress whose face is never shown plays Linda Lovelace, who appears in clips from Deep Throat and a very short hardcore clip from Deep Throat Part II.
 A sexy but soft-core attempt at All in the Family-style political satire whose laughs arent always unintentional. Not bad, considering its not very good.