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The Complete Linda Lovelace Links List

Note: No attempt has been made to censor any sites listed below, so not everything here is incredibly respectful. It is, however, an overview of the different attitudes and opinions Linda inspired in both her fans and detractors on both sides of the porn question. Also, there are no commercial sites here, meaning no links to sites selling Linda Lovelace product. If you want to buy Linda videos, etc., youll have to find them yourself. Sites with (overly-obnoxious) splash ads, pop-ups and mousetraps were DENIED! And keep in mind that this is only the beginning of a long, extremely comprehensive list of links. Finally, sorry for the sometimes psychedelic color approach, but Im still working it out.

Obituaries and Tributes

Most obituaries for Linda were picked up from the original AP news release. Many add bits of different information or different quotes.

Guardian Unlimited Film

BBC News

Sydney Morning Herald

Canadian Broadcasting Company
(includes audio interview with Eric Danville)

World Online Tiscali

Guardian Unlimted news

Seattle Times

Independent Online Gossip


Adult Industry News

These sites give information about Lindas movies and career

Dewey Webbs Peep Show review of Linda Lovelace for President

Hollywood.coms synopsis of Lovelace Meets Miss Jones

Pop Movies Second Coming review of Linda Lovelace for President


A really botched Linda Lovelace Filmography from

An interview with Mickey Dolenz, who appeared in Linda Lovelace for President article on Deep Throat

fan-based online review of Ordeal

Paradise Cinemas review of Deep Throat

These sites are a little more eccentric

Kozmik horoscope for Linda Lovelace

ivillage horoscope for Linda Lovelace

Kamats story about meeting computer genius, author/painter David Gelernter, who named a computer program after Linda Lovelace

Linda Group: Computer Science Department of Yale University
(Linda is the computer program David named for Linda)

Linda Lovelace anagrams

BAs Weblog

A tacky but pretty funny Linda joke (you knew they were coming sometime)

Admiral Theatre
(Website for club where Linda once did a personal appearance)

A tribute like only Consumption Junction can give
(Consumption Junction is the incredibly rocking bizarre video/pic/audio site)

Feminist anti-porn site articles

Freedom Party of Ontario

Karlbergs reasoning a male rationalization

Yale Bulletin & Calendar report of Lindas April 27, 2000, speaking appearance with Catharine A. MacKinnon