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Its difficult to imagine a film star with a body of work so smallher entire on-screen career spans just over five hourswhose impact was as big as Linda Lovelace, star of the notorious, groundbreaking porn film Deep Throat.

But theres more to the story of Linda Lovelace than just Deep Throat. As the first woman to become famous purely for having sex on film, Linda Lovelace was at once a sexual fantasy for millions of men and a social pariah to millions of burgeoning feministsuntil she joined their ranks with the publication of her third autobiography, Ordeal, in which she claimed she had been beaten and coerced into a life of pornography and prostitution.

She hadnt made a film since 1974s soft-core political spoof Linda Lovelace for President, but Americas best-known icon of sexual freedomand sexual slaveryhas remained in the public consciousness, especially in this post-Monica Lewinsky world. She continued to inspire jokes: I named my computer Linda Lovelace because it goes down a lot! Rock and roll bands mention her in songs, just as they have since 1973. And until her death in April 2002, Linda continued her crusade against the adult-entertainment industry, warning people of its perils and pitfallsuntil she rejoined their ranks in a lingerie fashion spread in internationally acclaimed fetish magazine Leg Show.

This website chronicles the career of Americas original porn queen as covered in the book The Complete Linda Lovelace. You can see pictures from Lindas pre-Deep Throat stag films. You can look at poster art for her movies. You can relive some of her most exciting and interesting magazine appearances. You can take a trip through the photo gallery. You can read some classic interviews. Plus you can browse some exclusive Linda Lovelace merchandise. Youll also find links to other websites that further explain Lindas effect on pop culture.

If you like what you see here, then order The Complete Linda Lovelace, an irreverent, insightful and comprehensive media history by sex journalist Eric Danville. The book gathers rare photographs, memorabilia and even Lindas personal documents to tell both sides of her fascinating stroy, from the beginning of Porno Chic in the 70s to her role as porns most outspoken opponent in the 80s to her amazing return to the public eye in the year before her tragic death.

The Complete Linda Lovelace also includes a bibliography of books, magazines and articles written about Linda and the film Deep Throat as well as loads of informations and pictures not included in this site. Order your copy today and find out why Linda Lovelace have been on peoples lips fo rover 30 years!

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Linda Boreman 1949 - 2002

On Monday, April 22, 2002, Linda Boreman, who portrayed Linda Lovelace in the film Deep Throat, died of injuries suffered after a horrific car accident three weeks earlier.

Having become close with Linda over the past few years, I will have many fond memories of our friendship. First and foremost, I will remember that she was really, really nice. Even though I worked in an industry I know she didnt like, she was open-minded enough to speak with me, grant me an interview (her first with someone in porn in over two decades) and most importantly become my friend. We had a lot of fun times together, and we shared some times that werent as fun. But even when we disagreed on things, it wasnt because I work in pornography. We disagreed on normal things because, as very few people realized, Linda was just a normal woman. Thats all she wanted to be known as, and thats the way Ill remember her.

Ill also remember Linda as a lady who knew how to have a good time, who loved her family and her grandson and who, more importantly, had overcome the bad times and controversy that had come to define her. She was one of the coolest people Ive met while working in adult entertainmenta lot cooler than most, actuallyand I will miss her very, very much.

Linda hated the picture that appears above, a promo still from Linda Lovelace for President. Hated it! She was often asked to sign this photowhich she always did, graciouslybut she would shudder when I said it was one of my favorite pictures of her. Surprisingly enough, she hated her smile in the shot, although thats what I really liked about it. I put this picture up after September 11 as a vague show of solidarity for what was going on. But I look at it now and want to cry.

I dont think Linda would want that, though. So Ill look at that picture now and see a woman who stood up for herself against almost unbelievable public scrutiny and endless ridicule from people who didnt even know her and Ill smile as broadly as she does, because she was such a fucking sweetheart.

I hope you will too.

Eric Danville
April 22, 2002

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